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Statehood in the News...

"The Pandemic Proves DC Needs Statehood Now"
      Street Sense Media - June 9, 2021
"The Strong Case for DC Statehood"
      Minneapolis Star and Tribune - June 1, 2021
"Our View: Maine Senators Should Support DC Statehood"
      Portland Press Herald - June 1, 2021
"My Father's Words are Being Distorted by Those Who Oppose DC Statehood"
      Washington Post - May 30, 2021
"House Approves Bill that Would Admit DC as the 51st State"
      CBS News - Apr 22, 2021
"The Fight for DC Statehood Gets It's Best Chance Yet"
      Vox - Apr 22, 2021
"Statehood Bill to Reach House Floor on Thursday"
      WSET TV - April 16, 2021
"The Quest for DC Statehood Inches Closer to Victory"
      The Grio - Apr 2, 2021
"As Congress Prepares to Take up DC Statehood, National Support Grows"
      CBS News - Mar 22, 2021
"It's No Longer a Local Issue"
      Washington Post - Mar 20, 2021
"DC Statehood is a Civil Rights Issue"
      Portland Press Herald - Mar 9, 2021
"Rep. Reginald Bolding looks Prophetic on DC Statehood. It is an Arizona Issue"
      Arizona Republic - Mar 6, 2021
"In Faraway Statehouses a Battle Brews Over Making D.C. the 51st State"
      The Washington Post - Feb 26, 2021
"Bowser Will Make Case for DC Statehood Next Month"
      The Washington Post - Feb 22, 2021
"A Real Place Deserves Real Rights"
      The Atlantic - Feb 21, 2021
"Is DC Finally on the Brink of Statehood"
      Washington Post Magazine - Jan 27, 2021
"51 Reasons to Support DC Statehood"
      Washington City Paper - Feb 11, 2021
"Stacey Abrams: Our democracy faced a near-death experience. Here's how to revive it"
      Washington Post - Feb 8, 2021
"Washington, DC's Second-Class Status is A Stain on Our Democracy"
      Constitution Accountability Center - Feb 4, 2021
"DC Statehood Bill Reintroduced in the Senate"
      NBC4 - Jan 27, 2021
"Trump Made the Ultimate Case for DC Statehood"
      Bloomberg City Lab - Jan 21, 2021
      Press Herald - Jan 21, 2021
"Half of Americans Support DC Statehood"
      Fortune - Jan 16, 2021
"The Case for DC Statehood: More Urgent Than Ever"
      NY Daily News - Jan 8, 2021
"What the Georgia Runoff Means for DC Statehood"
      Washington City Paper - Jan 6, 2021
"Eleanor Holmes Norton Restarts Statehood Process with New Congress"
      DCist - Jan 4, 2021
"Year in Review: Top DC Stories in 2020"
      Patch - Dec 30, 2020
"The Year in DC Politics"
      DCist - Dec 29, 2020
"Lesbian Joins Historic All-Woman Slate of DC Electors"
      Washington Blade - Dec 15, 2020
"What the 2020 Election Means for DC Statehood"
      DCist - Nov 12, 2020
"How Could Statehood Increase Equity for DC Residents"
      Urban Institute - Nov 2, 2020
"Statehood for DC and Puerto Rico is not a partisan issue...."
      Business insider - Oct 29, 2020
"Republicans are Worried About DC Statehood"
      Washington City Paper - Oct 15, 2020
"The 51st State America Needs"
      The New York Times - Oct 1, 2020
"What's With Washington presents, "The 51st" podcast"
      WAMU - Sept 22, 2020
"Support for DC Statehood Hits Record Levels - Polling by DC Vote"
      DC Vote - Sept 16, 2020
"From Fringe to Winnable: The Campaign for DC Statehood"
      The Forge - Sept 1, 2020
"Simmering Disputes Over Statehood are About Politics and Race. They Always Have Been."
      Georgia Public Radio - August 22, 2020
"It's Past Time to Grant D.C. Statehood"
      Center for American Progress - August 19, 2020
"The Same Racist Rhetoric Used to Oppose D.C. Statehood Keeps the Federal Government Dysfunctional"
      Talking Points Memo - August 10, 2020
"Obama Labels Filibuster a 'Jim Crow Relic,' Supports DC Statehood"
      National Review - July 31, 2020
"In My View: Washington, DC; Let's make it the 51st State"
      Green Valley News - July 26, 2020
"How Washington, DC'd Lack of Statehood Hurts Black and Poor Residents"
      Filter Magazine - July 20, 2020
"Statehood for the District of Columbia"
      Crawfordsville, IN Journal Review - July 10, 2020
"Top of Mind with Julie Rose"
      BYURadio - July 9, 2020
"D.C. Statehood is a Racial Justice Issue - Ben Jealous"
      Richmond Free Press - July 9, 2020
"Black Lives Matter in Washington. Does the Senate Agree?"
      CNN - July 8, 2020
"No, DC Statehood Won't Lead to a Permanent Majority for Democrats"
      Inside Elections - July 6, 2020
"The Politics of D.C. Statehood Follow a Well-Worn Path. Here's Why."
      Washington Post - July 6, 2020
"It Wasn't Inevitable: House Vote on DC Statehood was Years in the Making."
      DCist - July 2, 2020
"DC Statehood is Closer to Becoming a State Now Than it Has Ever Been"
      Vox - June 26, 2020
"DC Statehood Bill approved by the U.S. House for the First Time In History"
      Washington Post - June 26, 2020
"House Vote Backs DC Statehood Bid"
      Arkansas Democrat Gazette - June 26, 2020
"Call Senator Tom Cotton 'White Butter' Because He's on a Racist Roll."
      The Root - June 26, 2020
"Senator Tom Cotton praises Wyoming as a 'working class state' in arguing against DC Statehood"
      Washington Post - June 25, 2020
"DC Statehood to go up for a House vote"
      Fox5DC - June 16, 2020
"DC Statehood Gains New Support Among Senate Democrats After Trump Occupation"
      Huffpost - June 15, 2020
"Muriel Bowser: The Protests Show Why D.C. Statehood Matters"
      Washington Post - June 14, 2020
"Trump's Military Intervention Spurs Fresh Calls for Washington, DC Statehood"
      Sydney Morning Herald - June 13, 2020
"D.C.'s Not a State. What Can You Do About That?"
      City Paper - June 10, 2020
"D.C. statehood: Bill is just, timely"
       Seattle Times - June 10, 2020
"Washington, DC, Deserves Statehood"

Susan Rice - New York Times - June 9, 2020

"Statehood Gets New Congressional Sponsors a Week After Trump Deploys Federal Troops on DC Streets"

DCist - June 9, 2020

"What Made Trump's Protest Response in DC Unique"

Lawfare Blog - June 8, 2020

"D.C. Residents Deserve Full Representation"
       Herald Palladium -- June 6, 2020
"DC Statehood is the Answer to Trump's Abuse of Washington"

The Nation - June 2, 2020

"Trump Administration considered taking control of D.C. police force to quell protests"

Washington Post - June 2, 2020

"Why the Mayor Can't Just Tell President Trump to Go Screw Himself"

Washington City Paper - June 2, 2020

"DC Vote Launches Statehood Matters: At Home Edition"

The DC Line - May 20, 2020

DC Vote Town Hall on Statehood in the Time of COVID19

DC Vote  - May 5, 2020

"Trump admission and covid-19 response cast light on politics and limits of D.C. Statehood."

Washington Post - May 18, 2020

"House Democrats' covid-19 relief bill would give D.C. funding it was previously denied."

Washington Post - May 12, 2020

"Trump: D.C. Statehood Will Never Happen Unless We Have Some Very, Very Stupid Republicans."

DCist - May 5, 2020

"The tyranny of congressional oversight strikes again."

The DC Line - Apr 16, 2020

"Congress cheated DC out of coronavirus aid. Now it's becoming a hotspot."

LGBTQNation - Apr 9, 2020

"Coronavirus funding slight emboldens DC Statehood fight"

Roll Call - Mar 30, 2020

"Republicans are Still Playing Games With D.C. at the height of a deadly pandemic"

Washington Post - Mar 28, 2020

"36 Democratic and Republican Attorneys General Join AG Racine..."

The DC Line - Mar 26, 2020

"DC Was Intentionally Classified as a Territory, Lawmakers Say"

Washington Post - Mar 26, 2020

"An Inclusive Democracy Demands DC Statehood"

Op-Ed in The Hill by Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton and Rep. John Sarbanes - Feb 24, 2020


"Hoyer Promises D.C. Statehood Vote on House Floor Before Summer"

Washington Post - Feb 12, 2020


"Panel Sends DC Statehood Bill to Full House for Consideration"

CNN - Feb. 11, 2020

"The 51st State Explained"

VOX - Sept. 20, 2020


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