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Top 10 Things to Do this Week to Get Ready for the #DCStatehood Hearing

  1. Listen to the #StatehoodMatters podcast at 3pm today on DC Vote’s FB page or the Eaton Hotel’s Radio page.  

  2. Buy your Statehood t-shirt and be ready for the big day!

  3. Join Mayor Muriel Bowser at the next 51st Festivities for #DCStatehood on Thursday, September 12 at The State Room at 6:30 p.m. featuring music, food, and advocates for Statehood!

  4. Email 3 friends and encourage them to attend the hearing. Click here for suggested language.

  5. Text the word “Hearing” to 52886 and stay informed about the latest updates on Statehood.

  6. Plan to attend the hearing. Arrange your day off from work today.

  7. Attend the panel on DC Voting Rights at the Congressional Black Caucus hosted by Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton and DC Vote's own, Bo Shuff.

  8. Head to Pizzeria Paradiso for a #DCStatehood pizza during the month of September!

  9. Share the link for action with someone who lives outside of DC.

  10. Send an email to Barbara Helmick at DC Vote to volunteer at the Hearing.

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