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10 Facts about DC Statehood


1. Statehood was supported by 86% of voters in 2016. It was the largest turnout in DC history!

2. The first Congressional Hearing on DC Statehood in more than 25 years will take place one week from today!

3. The 51st State would have more people that 2 other states – Wyoming and Vermont. (and we’re gaining on Alaska)

4. Statehood is Constitutional! Thanks to the ACLU for the analysis

5. DC residents pay more in taxes to the Federal government than 21 other states, yet lack equal representation in Congress!

6. The DC Statehood bill preserves the Nation’s Capital for all Americans by maintaining a Federal District

7. 219 Members of the House of Representatives have endorsed DC Statehood

8. DC is the only place in the US where Congress can overturn local laws and local spending!

9. Every Democratic Presidential candidate has announced their support for DC Statehood.

10. There are over 120 neighborhoods that 700,00 residents call home – most of whom are permanent residents. 

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