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DC Vote Demands D.C. Residents Receive Fair Share of Federal Aid Package 

Washington D.C.-- Congress is poised to pass a relief package that leaves over 700,000 American taxpayers without their fair share of federal aid to combat the coronavirus. DC Vote Executive Director, Bo Shuff released the following statement: 


“Last night the Senate cleared a virus relief bill that cheats 700,000 Americans out of their fair share of aid. Washingtonians are like every other taxpaying American, yet are poised to receive less than half of federal aid compared to the smallest of states. It is unacceptable to arbitrarily limit aid to any American during a pandemic. 


Without representation in the Senate, the people of D.C. got screwed last night. The District operates like any other state and is home to Americans who pay more federal taxes than 22 states. This is bad democracy, and this is bad health policy.


All of America is struggling to beat the coronavirus and move forward, Washingtonians should be no different.”


About DC Vote: Founded in 1998, DC Vote is a national advocacy organization dedicated to strengthening and securing equality for all who call DC home. DC Vote has been working to end taxation without representation for the people of DC with locals and advocates around the country for more than two decades. We envision a fairer America where every one of the 700,000 DC residents have the right to participate in the democracy that allows for controlling your own budget, passing your own laws without congressional interference, and having equal representation in the US House of Representatives and the US Senate. #DC_Vote 



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